Audit of «Neuromachine Eternal»


Address Ethereum Mainnet:


Critical vulnerabilities: 0
Issues that can lead to loss of funds, as well as problems that violate essential functionality of contracts.

Errors and problems: 0
Issues of logic and functionality of contracts that do not lead to loss of funds.

Optimization: 1
Opportunities to reduce transaction costs and reduce the number of lines of code.

Notes and recommendations: 1
Tips and tricks, as well as errors that do not affect the functionality of the Smart-Contract.

Optimization possibilities:

In the code were found the repetitions of lines of code (lines 110-112, 160-162, 221-224).
It is possible to shorten the code if one extracts these lines to the internal function “_transfer”.
This note does not affect the functionality of Smart-Contract.

function _transfer(address from, address to, uint256 value) internal {
    require(to != address(0));
    _balances[from] = _balances[from].sub(value);
    _balances[to] = _balances[to].add(value);
    emit Transfer(from, to, value);

    _transfer(msg.sender, to, tokens);


Known issues of ERC20 standard: lack of transaction handling and the potential Re-approval attack. Read more —

Contract description:

The contract is an ERC20 token.

Title: «Neuromachine Eternal».
Abbreviation: «NRM».
Decimals: 18.

Initial supply: 4 958 333 333 tokens.
Additional minting of tokens is impossible.

The burn function of tokens from your address is implemented.

30% (1 487 499 999.9 tokens) are frozen on address 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000007 and available for withdrawal to owner after 28 Jan 2020 00:00:00 GMT.

The following functions are also implemented for the owner:
— The withdrawing of all ERC20 token from the Smart-Contract.
— Sending tokens to a group of addresses (no more than 100)
from owner wallet.
— “ApproveAndCall” to interact with Smart-Contracts.
— Transfer of ownership (the next owner must accept the right for
a successful transfer).


In the NRM Smart-Contracts were found no vulnerabilities and no backdoors, the contract matches all standards. So it is safe for use in the Ethereum main network.

This audit is not a call to participate in the project and applies only to the Smart Contract code at the specified address.

If you have any questions or are interested in developing/auditing Smart Contracts, please contact us and we will consult you.

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Audit of «Neuromachine Eternal»

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