Development and audit
of smart contracts

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Smart contracts development

Tokens (ERC20, ERC223, ERC777)

ICO (crowdsale)

HYIPs (dividend distribution, referral programs)


Non-standard contracts

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Smart contract audit

Full check of vulnerabilities, problems, transaction optimization. Writing review code, functional description in plain language and report in PDF format with gradation of identified problems + english translation

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Articles. Public audits

TronGuru AUDIT

Audit of the TronGuru Smart-Contract

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Audit of the Trony Smart-Contract

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Security audit of the TRONies smart-contract

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Security audit of the TronEx3 smart-contract

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TronMatrix AUDIT

Security audit of the TronMatrix smart-contract

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Security audit of the TRONPROM smart-contract

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Security audit of the TRX-IN-BANK smart-contract

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TRONex Audit

Security audit of the TRONex smart-contract

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Token is a certain unit of value in the blockchain...

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ICO (CrowdSale)

ICO – Initial Coin Offering or initial coin placement, by...

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ERC20 standard issues

Despite the widespread use, the standard of token ERC20 has...

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ApproveAndCall function for ERC20

Due to one of the known problems of ERC20 EventHandling...

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Example of Smart Contract operation

Since the idea of Smart Contracts was mostly spread in...

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Application of Smart Contracts

Smart contract technologies are still new and it is possible...

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Audit of «Neuromachine Eternal»

Public Audit of NRM Smart Contract

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